School Day



Start and finish times of the School Day


All children to arrive at 8:45

Bubble 1 - to enter through the field gate

Bubble 2 – to enter through the large playground gate.

All children to be collected at 3:30pm ( Bubble 1, Fir and Willow from 3.25pm)  except on a Friday when children are to be collected at 1pm

Bubble 1 - to be collected through the field gate

Bubble 2 – to be collected through the large playground gate.


Safety Measures

The school takes the responsibility for the safety of all our pupils and staff seriously. The Covid-19 Risk Assessment has been updated following the latest government advice and has been scrutinised by the Trust.

Hand sanitisation stations are available on arrival in the school buildings. Soap and hot water will be available and pupils will be encouraged to wash their hands regularly during the course of the day. Additional cleaning of frequent contact points will take place throughout the day.

At the time of writing, the Department for Education (DfE) do not recommend the wearing of face masks for primary aged children in school. However members of staff may use PPE when administering first aid.

Children and staff will be working in consistent bubbles and where possible will not mix with other bubbles.


Ways you can help us

  • Children do not mix outside of their pod on the way to and from school
  • Please apply sun cream before your child leaves home (as appropriate)
  • Hands are thoroughly washed before leaving the house
  • Longer hair is kept tied back at all times
  • Where possible fresh uniform is worn each day
  • Children are not to bring in any belongings from home other than a named bottle of water, 1 small bottle of named hand sanitiser, a named small packet of tissues, named sun hat, a coat or waterproof, a piece of fruit for snack time and a packed lunch ( unless a school lunch has been requested)
  • Please could children in Saplings and Fir class please bring a spare set of clothes, to be left in school and available to use in the case of 'accidents'.
  • Where possible a child's temperature is taken before coming to school and anyone with a higher than normal temperature is kept away from school
  • School is informed immediately of any symptoms or positive tests for COVID-19
  • All timings are adhered to (children must be dropped off and collected at the allotted times and not before or after)